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Annalise hail from Exeter and deliver a mighty fine melodic punk sound that some relate to as mod sounding. Here's an interview I did with David from Annalise via email on 29 January.

OK, let's get the preliminaries out of the way to first. Which folks make up Annalise, what instruments are you responsible for and describe the traits that makes up each member of the band's personality ?
Annalise are currently Ed (vox), Ade (drums), Martyn (guitar), David (bass) + Paul (Guitar). Paul has taken over from Brian who is now busy with Kids Near Water. Paul is also in DEAD INSIDE so he's pretty busy too

I guess that you've answered this one a thousand times but I can't remember seeing the answer before, but then my memory isn't that hot as you well know so please indulge me. Your name ? What's the story ? Please don't tell me it's TV soap related!
I like to tell everyone its based on that PIL song ANNALISA, and the song ANNALISE (by one of my favourite bands of all time: RADIO BIRDMAN). But to be honest I think our old guitarist John Tripe got the name off of Neighbours!

You've got a cool album "Versus Everything" that came out on Pigdog in October and I believe a split EP with J Church just out, are you pleased with these release and what kind of reaction have you had ?
Yes, I like VERSUS EVERYTHING and it seems to have gone down well - our lst LP Our Story is kind of about home town life, and Versus Everything is about our tours abroad, so it brings back good feelings listening to it.
Eddy wrote "Y'Fuckin Freak" about our trip to Australia which is about the only thing that keeps me going these days! I made the mistake of looking up the other day. What am i doing here!

If you had the opportunity to submit any 3 items (personal or not) in a time vault for the 20th Century to be opened at the turn of the next Millennium what would you submit and why ?
I'd submit a Nokia 3210, an E, and a can of stella - so they could figure out the brain cancer, schizophrenia and heart attack epidemics of the 21st century!

I guess that you guys are veterans by today's standards as you've been playing in Annalise and various former bands since the early 90s. So what keeps you going and how do you keep the inspiration flowing ?
Yeah, like the earlier answer I think getting to see other country's scenes is my main inspiration. We were the first UK punk band to play in Malaysia and i was amazed by the similarity in culture there.
I sort of expected a culture shock but on the contrary Joe Kidd the guy we stayed with had a very similar lifestyle to that of Ed and me. Same with Yoichi in Tokyo - it was as if we had common history.
All you normally see - on TV for example - are cultural diversities. Like, in Japan everyone is a polite businessman who frequents Karaoke bars. That's like all English people wear bowler hats and play cricket on Sunday afternoon after tea with the Queen!
The punk scene is amazingly similar in all the countries I've been to...

I've seen you cite bands like Television, the Ramones and Dagnasty as influences what would be your all time favourite gig (existing, defunct or dead bands allowed) ?
I've been to my all time favourite gig - Fugazi in the Lemongrove, 1989. That was so intense, beyond a gig. It was electrifying. Mad At The Sun (mine & Ed's first band) played support, with Perfect Daze.

Has anything ever happened to you that totally changed your life or thinking and if so what was it and what change did it make ?
A weird book changed my way of thinking. The Strange Life Of Ivan Osokin, by Ouspensky. It deals with ideas of recurrence, and our inability to change anything even if we know what's going to happen. It kind of highlights one of the aspects of human stupidity.

What are your plans for 2002 ?
I've set up a publishing Company, Wishbone Studio with a guy called Shaky Kane. He used to draw for 2000AD & Deadline. We've got a comic coming out next month (FEB) called A-Men which is about a bunch of psychotic religious zealots that persecute us sinners.
After that we're working on a project called JOLT! which is a modern take on the shock comix of the 50's. Kinda of morality tales dealing with ideas of frankenscience & that kind of thing.
One strip is a pastiche of The Fly, where DNA taken from the Turin Shroud is mixed with that of a Fly ( like in that Vincent Price movie),. Shaky has drawn a hilarious end panel with a fly caught in a spiders web with a Jesus face, screeching "forgive them Father for they know not what they do!" The strips are introduced by The Jolt Monkey, a chimp who has escaped from a test lab and gets a kick of the shock ending of the stories.
We liked that idea: a fucking monkey editing our comic!

Finally is there anything that you'd like to say, plug, slag off or encourage ?
I gotta plug the new Dead Inside lp "No.4" It's awesome. Also check the Exeter band SHOE! if you see their CD "Eric Overseas" anywhere.

Annalise are a first class band check out their releases and their website:

c/o The Cavern
83-84 Queen Street


2002 Happy House

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